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TAKE CONTROL is the new application dedicated to legal professions. With its two tools, Collaboration and CRM, Juris.Live will change your working approach within your law firm or your legal department!

  • Choose a collaborative, secure and smart solution that is most suitable to meet your needs and that is client satisfaction oriented.
  • Find all the functionnalities you need to ensure the management of your legal projects in one working platform.
  • Provide your clients with maximum safety of their legal files.


Juris.Live Collaboration is your new intelligent, secure and collaborative working solution, ensuring optimal protection of all legal information exchanged between lawyers and clients. The purpose? Bring together in a single tool, essential functionalities for effective legal project management and secure communication.

Juris.Live CRM is the new software for managing your firm in the cloud. It makes daily activities – such as contact and matter management, time tracking, specific legal billing and daily activity planning for you and your employees – easier and more efficient. Operate profitably, constantly adapt and grow sustainably.


Our clients at the core of each process

  • Goodwill

We understand your clients have to face difficult situations and need constant support. It is your mission as lawyers to accompany them and earn their trust. eases each process through more direct and quicker exchanges of information to relieve the stress of our clients.

  • Transparency

This collaborative solution is part of your desire to provide your clients with a real-time follow-up of their cases. As lawyers, transparency in the monitoring of legal cases is very important, by putting each client at the centre of our exchanges. allows clients to check all exchanges as well as files and documents that are shared, and they can remove them as they choose.

Don't hesitate, try

We guarantee you an innovative experience and we provide technical support to answer your professional needs! We are convinced that if you try it you will love it, you can register for a free 30 days trial and get access to every functionality of our CRM & Collaborative solutions for lawyers.

How does improve your daily work?

Direct and effortless messaging to improve your internal collaboration as well as with your clients.

End of useless emails

We spend on average 3 to 6 hours per day reading, fowarding and looking for internal emails that represent the majority of exchanges. You instantly free 60% of daily emails.

Time saving

The application allows each lawyer to regain control of 2 hours high value per day which can be put at disposal of their clients instead. Indirect profit is 8000 euros excl. VAT per month per lawyer. Lawyers can invoice more.

Productivity increase

Smart collaboration allows consistent interaction between lawyers and clients as well as lawyers themselves. Productivity is increased by 25% generating more qualitative work.

They trust us

« I tried and I was convinced right away! I am constantly traveling between Paris and London and it is not thinkable to carry my documents everywhere I go. Dematerialisation is a strengh for daily work. »

Lawyer and Founder of CHANNEL AVOCATS

« Our law firm counts 3 offices in 3 cities. Video conferences that can be recorded are such a powerful asset to bring the team together despite geographical borders and to work on legal cases. »

Mathieu HERQUE
Lawyer and Associate at DI MARTINO AVOCATS

« We are a firm of 4 lawyers. Team work is a forming part of our organisation and it's not always easy. allowed us to take a step forward while easing communication among our collaborators. »

Antonio ISOLDI

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