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Overview of main features is a collaborative platform ending the use of multiple communication supports. They are time and energy consuming with your internal legal team, your external providers and your clients.

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Facilitate...your daily tasks with user friendly ergonomics

Easy and useful, its ergonomics was thought to be handy for beginners. An assistant will guide you through the first connection to help you discover all the functionalities. meetings

The shared and integrated agenda allows you to organise your time and your meetings quickly and without effort. For meetings organisation you will not be restraint by localization or business trip.

With online meetings you will multiply everyone’s availabilities. Missing ones won’t miss a thing ! With the option « live recording » each user will be able to replay the meeting.

Collaborate…with a collaborative working space

Real collaborative working space, the application allows you to share information and heavy documents from multiple sources in a record time.

The section “Evolution of objectives” will allow you and your team to quickly assess the progress of your projects.

The section « Knowledge » will be the opportunity to create communitarian space around subjects that could generate interest towards your collaborators and your clients.

Conferences and video calls gives you the opportunity to organise and participate in video conferences anywhere with several users. You can record your calls and watch them again later.


Your Storage

You can import documents and files quickly and easily. All your files are stored within the application and you can find them using the search bar.


Manage...your data efficiently

Data is precious in every legal case. The challenge is to control data so it can be managed efficiently. In respect to the data protection regulations, is a real asset for your work.

GDPR proceedings

The application eases your RGDP procedures as it manages your data in one unique place. Users can manage information sharing, correction and suppression of shared data via their personal account.

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