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Collaboration Terms of Use

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Simplified joint-stock company

In the process of registration

14 rue du Général Gouraud 67000 Strasbourg is a registered trademark. To copy, modify, host, stream, sublicense, or resell the Services without agreement is strickly forbidden.

These General terms of use apply to all services and applications provided to its users.

These General terms of use are acknowledged by the Administration when subscribing to and are available on the website under “Terms of Use”. They apply as the subscription starts upon agreement.

Article 1: Terms

The collaborative application is subject to a non-exclusive license of its services.

It is intended for professional usage only.

It offers:

  • Document sharing
  • Live chat
  • Video conference
  • Project management (objectives, calendar)

The collaborative application is available in French and English.

JURIS.LIVE retains the right to update the application for any possible reasons.

The Administration will get a notice via email XXX days prior to the execution of the changes. The Administration will have the right to request the closing of its account if it doesn’t agree with the changes. If the Administration doesn’t close its account within the period stated, the changes shall be accepted.

JURIS.LIVE retains the right to change the General terms of use at any time.

The administration is informed that new functionalities shall be tested in short period which will not affect the use of JURIS.LIVE agrees to not interfere with the use of the application while designing trials or evaluation.

Article 2: Usage

1) licence

Users have the choice to update its subscription at any time during its contract. The change will be effective 30 days upon request.

All request for quotation shall be directly sent via email to or via the contact form on the website

2) Creation of an Administrator account

The future administrator agrees to fill out all required fields. Of the contact form with correct information, that are not out of date. In case of a mistake while completing the form, all information shall be updated.

An active electronic address shall be used by the Administration during its registration. It could be use as an user identification and a password shall be created by the future administrator.

The address used for the registration will be the only address used iif the administrator is subject to a creation of a new password or any other proceedins regarding the password (forgotten password etc)

The administrator agrees to  regularly check its email coming from JURIS.LIVE and if they are not classified as spams. In the latter case, Juris.llive cannot be hold accountable.

3) security

User and password resgistered by the administrator during its registration and by each person invited as user and” as” guests”, shall be confidential. User ID and password are restricted to personal usage only.

4) responsibility

The administration is responsible of the people it chooses to invite as users or as guests, JURIS.LIVE cannot be hold accountable for this matter.

JURIS.LIVE retains the right to proceed to background check during bith the subscription and unsubscription to a license, and to reject any subscripton to services on legitimate grounds:

  • Fraud or outstanding invoice with a previous contract
  • Transmission of an unknown email address
  • Dismiss of pre-authorization during the subscription. In this case, the subscription will be cancel and no amount will be debited.

5) Accounting

The application can be downloaded on Mac or PC. It is also available online from the link

It is also available on the google store and app store. It can be downloaded for free.

The application works offline. However some functionalities require a coconnction to a server such as live chat.

Article 3: payment

Monthly payment of the license will be executed once the invoice received by the administration. Thre payment shall me made by bank transfert only.

In case of outstanding payment, delayed fees will be applied under BCE requirements increased by 10 points per day and jurislive has the right to interrupt the usage of the application until the full payment was made.

The suspension of access and usage of the application will be executed eight (8) days after receiving an email stating the remaining amount was not paid.

Article 4: period and resiliation

The Administration has subscribed to an unlimited term contract.

It can be stopped any time upon acceptance of an email stating the wish to resign from the contract a month prior to the end of the contract.

JURIS.LIVE has the right to resign the contract if the Administration fails to comply to the above terms after a formal notice asking them to act within fifteen (15) days.

On the termination date, the Administration shall stop immediately to use the application and shall pay the remaining amount due.

Article 5: intellectual and industrial property

Regarding the execution of this contract, gives the Administration the right to use the application that is non-transferable and non-exclusive.

No intellectual property transfer nor industrial transfer for the benefit of the administrator will take place under these terms. remains the holder of its intellectual rights on the software, logos and other supports.

The Administration agrees to not replicate the software or any other protected items at the disposal of and to not make any changes. The Administration is responsible for each person it invites as a guest or as a user and for their respect of these terms.

Article 6: Confidentiality/data sharing

The data communicated by the Administration by belongs to the Administration and are strictly confidential.

Files and documents that are shared via the application are private and cannot be share without permission.

The Administration is the only responsible for information shared and the choice of people these informations are shared with. Generally, the administration is responsible of all information shared via the application by its users and guests.

Article 7: data management

The Administration and all users declare to have acknowledge these terms of use and and protection of personal data of and to comply.

Data are collected through the following:

  • Direct interactions : the user can communicate its personal information such as ID, address, financial and personal details via phone call or email.
  • When the Administrator uses the application, Jurislive can collect personal data such as ID, email address and phone number.

To ensure efficiency and safety in the management of personal data, data are managed by and its providers such as its host, its accountant and subcontractor.

JURISLIVE believes all its subcontractors guaranty personal data protection on behalf of

Data collected from clients and Administrations and people invited as guests or users are stored for a period of XXX. Personal data are stored by JURISLIVE  for a length of time that does not exceed the end to which it is collected and processed.

Documents, files and information shared between the Administrator and users and guests can always be deleted. There stored and managed by JURISLIVE. Jurislive agrees to not communicate these data and to take all appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

Article 8: various provisions

The applicable law of these terms of use is the French Law.

All disputes that may arise from this contract about its validity, execution, application or termination or consequences shall be subject to Strasbourg court and jurisdiction. Litigations that requires a special competency shall be subject to French jurisdictions and court.

Should any of the provisions contained in the present General Terms and Conditions be held to be void, thereof will then be deemed never to have existed, and all other provisions herein will continue to be in effect.

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the fact that one of the Parties did not require the application of any clause of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, […] whether on a permanent or temporary basis, shall not in any circumstances be considered as a waiver of the rights of that Party arising out of that clause.

Article 9: contract

For all request regarding assistance or any question about the application, JURIS.LIVE can be directly contacted by


Phone +44 330 684 5170

Mailing adress : 14, Rue du Général Gouraud – 67000 STRASBOURG, FRANCE