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GDPR at your advantage

On May 25th 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was initiated. This regulation was published on April 2016 in order to provide a better protection of personal data on a european scale.

The goal is clear. Every organisation collecting personal data shall prove those data have been collected with users’ agreement and in regards to trackable and secure proceedings.

Respect of your ethical rules

Confidential information used by legal professions makes data management very important. The safety of those data is a priority for lawyers in order to guarantee a professional secret for their clients as required by ethics.

  • 01Justifying data use

    With both purpose and proportionnality principle regarding GDPR, lawyers shall be able to prove all collected data are managed in a proper manner.

  • 01Limited data storage period

    Lawyers shall clearly state the time frame in which data are stored and shall respect it. As of today, a maximum time period has yet not been defined.

  • 01Secure data to guaranty confidentiality

    Data safety highly depends on the safety of software tools but not only! It is very important that you are conform with standard compliance regarding software equipment to ensure data protection of your collaborators and clients.

  • 01Respect to Human rights

    Your clients shall be notified on the data purpose and the use of their data. They should have the freedom to reinforce their right to change their data and request the portability of their data.

    image eases the control of your data

With, you ensure an easy data management, storage and safety of information to guarantee the best service to your clients.

  • Our cloud guarantees maximum safety of your data.
  • Centralisation of information in one platform facilitates data management. Informations are not spread out on multiple channels and are trackable.
  • Follow up of files with collaborators or external providers via the platform to minimize risks of security due to emails. Therefore, you limit human risks.
  •  User profile suggests different functionalities such as “data export” and “delete my account” to guarantee each user the control of its data.
  • guarantees through General Conditions and Data control politics, to inform users of their rights in regards to data.

Thanks to,  you are more productive, more professional and you are compliant with the legislation avoiding costly proceedings.

To give you a better idea of easy data management, try out our e-collaborative solution for lawyers with a free 30 days trial.