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We provide the tools for a good management of your law firm from collaboration to invoicing matters. We use technology to tailor services to the legal world to help law firms to better structure their work and to get closer to their clients.

Customer centric

We use technology to create promixity between lawyers and clients. breaks barriers between law firms and clients by offering easy solutions while increasing results. Our support teams knows each of our solutions and will be able to assist you and your clients on each interface at each stage of their case.

Our solutions for lawyers and clients collaboration

Discover collaboration again

We created a collaborative tool to ease internal exchanges within the law firm and to enhance team work. This is the first plateform dedicated to communications with clients to enable them to follow the progress of their case, share their documents and chat with a team of lawyers. CRM

Easy billing and practice management

We created a simple solution including practice management, invoicing, time monitoring and customer database for law firms. A simple software that guarentees transparency to clients with higher accuray on invoices which enables your law firm to save time on administrative tasks.

Discover our solutions tailored to your needs develops digital tools to support your team and your clients at each stage of the case.