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Terms of Sale

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Simplified joint-stock company

In the process of registration

14 rue du Général Gouraud 67000 Strasbourg is a registered trademark. To copy, modify, host, stream, sublicense, or resell the Services without agreement is strickly forbidden.

These General terms of use apply to all services and applications provided to its users.

These General terms of use are acknowledged by the Administration when subscribing to and are available on the website under “Terms of Use”. They apply as the subscription starts upon agreement.

All orders already subject to a confirmation by JURIS.LIVE implies complete compliance of these general terms of sales to the exclusion of all provisions such as general conditions of purchase.

Article 1: Object

The collaborative application is subject to a non-exclusive license of its services.

It is intended for professional usage only.

It offers:

–              Document sharing

–              Live chat

–              Video conference

–              Project management (objectives, calendar)

Each purchase shall be subject to quotation request drawn up free of charge by JURISLIVE. In case of agreement the future administration shall return it signed.

JURIS.LIVE always retains the right to change these general terms of sales.

Article 2: length of contract

The contract becomes a monthly license with no fixed terms. Both parties can terminate the contract by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, on condition that a period of notice of one (1) full month has been respected.

JURISLIVE has the right to terminate the contract in case of non-performance of its rules by the Administration following a formal notice asking them to act within fifteen (15) days.

Article 3: termination of contract

On the termination date, the Administration shall stop immediately to use the application and shall pay the remaining amount due.

Each party shall return all information received during the period of the contract.

JURIS.LIVE shall return all information, stored, processed and archived data regarding the Administration. The Administration agrees to not keep any copy and to not use them for any reason.

Article 4: price

The price regarding the access and usage of the collaborative application is subject to monthly payment. Prices are fixed by JURISLIVE and shall be modified anytime without notice to take account the reality of the market. Prices stated on JURISLIVE website during the purchase are the only valid prices.

Anytime during the contract, the Administration has the right to request to change subscription. A new quotation shall be sent by JURIS.LIVE. The new subscription shall start after confirmation by the Administration.

The prices shall exclude tax. VAT applicable shall be the current one on the date of invoice.

Article 5: payment and late penalty

Monthly payment shall be executed after the receipt of the corresponding invoice by the Administration. The payment of usage and access to shall be made via bank transfer only.

In case of failure of payment of the total amount of the monthly subscription at the due date, 5% of late penalty shall be applied to the remaining amount and JURISLIVE will have the right to suspend access and usage of the application until complete payment was made.

Article 6: intellectual and industrial rights

Regarding the execution of this contract, gives the Administration the right to use the application that is non-transferable and non-exclusive.

All items available on the website and on the application are protected by the intellectual and industrial property rights.

No intellectual property transfer nor industrial transfer for the benefit of the administrator will take place under these terms. remains the holder of its intellectual rights on the software, logos and other supports.

The Administration agrees to not replicate the software or any other protected items at the disposal of and to not make any changes. The Administration is responsible for each person it invites as a guest or as a user and for their respect of these terms.

Generally, the Administration is committed to ensuring that the intellectual and industrial property rights are not infringed and the other rights hold by JURISLIVE.

The integration of hypertext link of JURIS.LIVE is forbidden without written consent of JURIS.LIVE.

Any use, reproduction, or redistribution of the Software not in accordance with the Terms of Sale is expressly prohibited without written agreement of JURIS.LIVE.

Article 7: Confidentiality

Parties of this contract agree to ensure and respect confidentiality methods and information shared and any information shared upon this contract.

Data given to the Administration during the integration of the software remains the property of the Administration and are confidential.

The Administration shall collaborate with JURIS.LIVE, and with authorities in case of investigation regarding the use of its account or the application

Article 8: Responsibility

The use of the software by the Administration, and the people he invites as guests or users, requires computer equipment. It is the responsibility of the Admonistration to ensure all technical characteristics of its equipment or network allow full access to the application. The Administration must inform its users and guests. JURIS.LIVE will be absolved of liability if technical issues occurring during the integration of the Administrator or people it has invited makes the use of impossible.

JURIS.LIVE agrees to ensure its civil responsibility for the subject of the contract, which is limited to the agreements stated in those Terms of Sale and without being under any indemnities in case of:

  • Malfunction of the software itself, even during the period of available access,
  • Damages suffered by the Administration, guests or users while using the application

The Administration formally accepts characteristics and limitations of online service and acknowledges the hazards of online solution with the response time and it is the only responsible of internet access.

Product and services comply with French Regulations. JURIS.LIVE is not responsible in case of non-respect of the legislation of the country where products are delivered. The Administration shall verify with local authorities all regulations regarding import and usage of products you plan to order.

JURIS.LIVE is not responsible for damages caused by a wrong usage of products or services used.

In case of manual intervention of the Administration – directly or indirectly -, JURIS.LIVE is not responsible for the outcome of the intervention.

JURIS.LIVE is not responsible for inconvenience or damages due to internet use, service breakdown, or external intrusion, or computer virus.

JURIS.LIVE doesn’t guaranty the application is exempted of abnormalities and its operation is suspended. The Administration acknowledges it is not possible to guaranty performance expectations and the application will operate without any malfunction.

JURIS.LIVE will not be responsible for indirect damages or events, nor for miss profit foreseeable or unforeseeable by the Administration, users, or guests( any loss of data, commercial or financial or software, revenue, business, profits) including damages arising directly or indirectly from a breach of this contract, negligence, any act or omission by the Administration.

In every situation, the Administration is the only responsible of its account and the use of the collaborative application by its users and guests and is responsible for subscribing to In these terms, the use of is at the Administration’s risks and it must answer for its actions and those of each person using its account.

The Administration is the responsible for any given information.

JURIS.LIVE in case of force majeure, is not obliged to honour its obligations and if external elements prevent it from doing so such as: internet access, default of connection, default of computer, default of power supply, default of mailbox, transportation difficulties, governmental measures etc.

JURIS.LIVE doesn’t give formal or tacit guaranty towards or all information obtained by the Administration, users and guests, through the application or website.

The Administration acknowledges guaranties and responsibility limits stated above operate between the administration and JURIS.LIVE ensure that risks and responsibilities are reasonably allocated.

Article 9: Availability – Updates

JURIS.LIVE will do its utmost to provide the Administration with ongoing access to the application.

Data are saved everyday and backup can be requested by the Administration to JURIS.LIVE directly.

Updates, maintenance and optimization of equipment or software can be initiated by JURIS.LIVE without prior consent of the Administration.

Article 10: Data processing

The Administration and each user agree to Privacy and Confidentiality policy of JURIS.LIVE and to respect it.

Data will be collected by the following means:

–              Direct interactions : the user can communicate its personal information such as ID, address, financial and personal details via phone call or email.

–              When the Administrator uses the application, Jurislive can collect personal data such as ID, email address and phone number.

To ensure efficiency and safety in the management of personal data, data are managed by and its providers such as its host, its accountant and subcontractor.

JURISLIVE believes all its subcontractors guaranty personal data protection on behalf of

Data collected from clients and Administrations and people invited as guests or users are stored for a period of XXX. Personal data are stored by JURISLIVE  for a length of time that does not exceed the end to which it is collected and processed.

Documents, files and information shared between the Administrator and users and guests can always be deleted. There stored and managed by JURISLIVE. Jurislive agrees to not communicate these data and to take all appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

Article 11: complaint

In case the Administration finds malfunctioning or error, it can contact JURIS.LIVE according to article 13 of these terms.

After evaluating the request, the account, and the circumstances leading to request, JURIS.LIVE will inform the Administration of its assessment.

All proof leading to the request shall be given to JURIS.LIVE within fifteen (15) days from the claim. If it is not the case, JURIS.LIVE retains the right to take no further action.

The customer will be refunded if its bank account were already debited without connection to the invoice. JURIS.LIVE will use the bank statement given by the Administration without any other obligation towards the Administration.

Article 12: various provisions

The applicable law of these terms of use is the French Law.

All disputes that may arise from this contract about its validity, execution, application or termination or consequences shall be subject to Strasbourg court and jurisdiction. Litigations that requires a special competency shall be subject to French jurisdictions and court.

Should any of the provisions contained in the present General Terms and Conditions be held to be void, thereof will then be deemed never to have existed, and all other provisions herein will continue to be in effect.

Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the fact that one of the Parties did not require the application of any clause of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, […] whether on a permanent or temporary basis, shall not in any circumstances be considered as a waiver of the rights of that Party arising out of that clause.

Article 13: contract

For all request regarding assistance or any question about the application, JURIS.LIVE can be directly contacted by


Phone +44 330 684 5170

Mailing adress : 14, Rue du Général Gouraud – 67000 STRASBOURG, FRANCE