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Challenges of legal profession

Clients need constant attention and wish to be at the centre of all exchanges. They often misunderstand invoices and do not realise the scope of work that has been performed.

At the same time, information flow comes from too many channels that are uncoordinated and unsecure. Modern lawyers don’t have access to smart tools that enable mass data control which stops law firm from growing.

Our answer with :

  • Controls data safely. Users are more and more aware of existing data theft and lawyers are warrants of professional confidentiality. Clients’ trust is important and we need to provide them with a simple et secure solution.
  • Unifies communication channels. The application focuses in one place every exchanges: emails, SMS, fax etc.
  • Satisfies modern clients’expectations: constant attention, knowledge of the case and easy communication. Lawyers can deploy a team to assist in daily tasks. It is the emergence of ‘teams of lawyers’ with the development of a new business model.

Discover our e-collaborative solution transforms your legal practice, whether you are a lawyer, a notary or a bailiff. Our solution changes your working approach and puts you closer to your clients.