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Our vision

Digitalisation of society and the evolution of a “Customer Service” concept the last few years have deeply affected the relationship between organisations and customers. Lawyers can’t escape from it! The profession witnesses the evolution of its code. Legal practices have to face higher client’s expectations.

Easy digital transformation for all

Legal departments of large international organisations as well as national smaller businesses are evolving. They initiate their own legal transformation. It is only fair they have high expectations for the professionals who advise them.

It is a priority to put clients and their expectations at the heart of law firms business development strategies. It is important to provide a simple, flexible yet reactive communication for the clients.

Are you ready to transform your profession?

With, strive for easy and attractive clients satisfaction. Your (e-)reputation and your professionalism will be recognised!

Your client relationship has no limit!

Dematerialisation of documents and other supports offers unlimited perspectives. Wherever you are and whenever you want you have access to all your current legal files, past cases and future ones. Every given information or communication with your clients or collaborators are stored, available on our cloud and most importantly secure.

More flexibility

Online meeting opportunities ease the management of your agenda and your international businesses. It is the end of business trips around the world! Thanks to, you can simply participate in video conferences with other users. If you wish you can record your meetings which enable unattendees to follow up on projects. Direct messaging generates smooth communication between all parties which conveys a positive image of your law firm as well as flexible, accessible and reactive one.


A lawyer’s mission is to serve everyone without discrimination. Providing access to our services to people with disabilities is a duty. Thanks to, people with reduced mobility and hearing loss can speak to their lawyer through digital collaboration processes. It also profits to elder people whose abilities decrease with age. is part of an equal approach and takes action towards a major social challenge of the legal field today.

Client satisfaction goal!

It is unecessary to remind you prospecting is time consuming and more expensive than maintaining customer loyalty. Today we surely lack time and it would be reckless not to put all means towards your firm to reach client satisfaction and provide them with an expertise that meets their expectations.

With, working towards clients satisfaction has never been that easy. Your (e-)reputation and professionalism will be recognised.

More than a simple management tool, transforms legal practices and offers the best of Legal Tech to your clients. 

High value service

Nevertheless, the digital transformation can be expensive and often complicated… was created to overcome these obstacles encountered by our legal practices:

To allow lawyers, independant or not, to offer their clients a high added value service, testifying of their high skilled image of the legal field!


We have created to provide a smart, collaborative and secure solution.

0 paper, 0 email, 0 time waste in 1 application!

This is what we promess with our e-collaborative solution for lawyers and clients.